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"Going where no business has gone before"

Beyond Resolutions as Usual

I have always disliked having resolutions. Not that they ever came to a fact, but because I had shared them with the whole world test to put enough pressure on myself. And it is just that resistance – or no, aversion is actually a better word! – that has made me decide to do things differently.

Beyond Resolutions as Usual is a workshop for 1 day and it doesn’t cover resolutions. It is actually about how you, now living your life for a while, have discovered what you actually have to do. And what fun this is (or could be, if you don’t have to think about it at all).
As you can expect it from me I am going to surprise you the whole day with new perspectives on your life and you will go home a wiser and happier person.

Times:  09:30 – 17:00
Location: KW9
Costs: € 149,00 ex. VAT and incl. a pleasant lunch

Beyond Business as Usual

When you make a business plan and execute it in 3D, then linear growth is very logical and maybe you are quite happy with that. But if you are up for more spectacular things, then sign up for

Beyond Business as usual’ test

This is a chances-find travel through Wonderland. A travel through your wildest dreams that will lead to a flourishing company. In 9 days spread over 9 months in a group of maximum 9 persons. In between you will work (sometimes with me, sometimes with your group and sometimes alone, according to a wonderful relaxed plan, but with a steady course and handy tools) full steam ahead on your company.

It’s now over with what is usual for you. Wherever you stand now.

We will start with a personal intake. After every meeting I will literary skip through the room. Because I already then can see what great things are becoming unfolded. Because I really look at things differently. Not what it looks like, but how it could be when your creative power would be running on full force (and how you can tackle this). Because I far more think things are logical than others do. Because I am not so attached of what how things are supposed to be. Always. And then I can’t wait until we really start.

Practical information:

The first group in Dutch will start on 22 January and the group in English will start on 15 January.  Always on a Monday and every time with an interval of 1 month.

Times:  09:30 – 17:00
For the English group;
Jan 15, Feb 12, March 12, Apr 9, May 17, June 11
For the Dutch group:
Jan 22, Feb 19, March 19, Apr 16, May 14, June 18
(the last three dates will be set in alignment with the group to work around the holiday season)
Location: KW9

Participation costs:  € 2.799,00 ex. VAT and incl. a lot of pleasant lunches

Beyond Peace as Usual

In the past I dreamt of taking a part in contributing into the existence of world peace. Some recognition for my part in this would be very appropriate. After quite a few unsuccessful attempts and some additional years of life, the desire for this still exists, but I have a different view on how you can achieve things.

I don’t anymore look at the existence of peace, but at the absence of conflicts.

If you live your life’s own essence, not a lot of conflicts will be conceivable that will lead to non-connection or non-peace. During 2018 I will launch something spectacular. Do you want to stay informed? Please let us know! 



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